Monday, January 12, 2009


DAY 11

11 JAN 09

I couldn't choose a single photo for my Day 11 post. I like both these shots for very different reasons. They're very different pictures, aren't they?

Photo #1
The first is more artsy. I got this one driving through town on my way home. It's detail from a bank building, recently restored to all its early 20th century glory. While stopped at a light, I opened up the sun/moon roof on my truck (I can never remember -- which one opens and which one tilts?), pointed the little point-n-shoot I've been carrying with me everywhere straight up, and got the shot.

Post-processing included cropping, sharpening, curves adjustments, and conversion to black & white.

Photo #2
The second picture is of a more photojournalistic nature. That's my hand, so I guess we could call it a self-portrait of sorts, as well. It was definitely a thinking outside the box shot for me -- in the past, I would never have thought to shoot my hand while pumping gas. I mean, seriously, why? But yesterday, I thought, "Why not?"

Post-processing included sharpening, curves and contrast adjustments, and Beau Hudspeth's Lomo Photoshop action.

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